Learn about the easiest and most trusted way to buy a home in Mexico | Ancana
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The basics of co-ownership
Discover your dream home from Ancana’s luxury listings
Own a piece of paradise in your favorite destination
Experience what it means to own your dream home
Why fractional ownership is the smart way to buy
With Ancana you have an ownership stake in a real home, not a block of time. This means you can schedule stays throughout the year, not on just on pre-determined weeks. And because you own the equity in the home you can sell your share at any point and capture the appreciation.
Benefits to you
Increase your buying power
Fractional ownership allows you to have an ownership Interest In a home that might otherwise be out of your price range If you tried to buy the entire home
Buy what you'll actually use
With fractional ownership you decide how often you plan to use the home and only purchase the share(s) you need
Peace of mind
We handle all of the cleaning and maintenance so you can focus on why you bought a home In the first place: to relax and make memories with your family and friends
Flexible scheduling
Ancana’s flexible scheduling system allows you to book visits to your home anywhere from 2 days to 2 years In advance
Split expenses
Rather than being on the hook for 100% of house expenses, fractional ownership allows you to share these expenses with other co-owners
Safe and proven ownership structure
Fractional ownership with Ancana Is true home ownership. Our Investment Trust Is a safe and proven way to legally own a home
How ancana works?
Ancana finds a luxury home in an incredible vacation destination. We then remodel and furnish every home
Ancana divides the home into fractions using an Investment Trust. This provides transparent and secure ownership rights for co-owners
Ancana finds and qualifies Co-owners. We ensure all owners agree to the same rules and policies
Ancana manages the home. We handle everything from maintenance, to yardwork, to cleaning the home
A home that increases your buying power
Own the amount of the home you will actually use
Home management & maintenance handled for you
Capture appreciation
Potential rental income
Turnkey ownership experience
Personal concierge to help with your stay
Buying an Ancana home
Buying an entire vacation home
Buying a timeshare
Renting a vacation home
Hassle-free scheduling
Ancana Scheduling
With Ancana you can book a stay in your home just 2 days before your arrival or up to 2 years in advance. This means that you’ll be able to spend your anniversary, holidays, and your kid’s birthday, all at your vacation home.
How do expenses work?
Between property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repairs, owning a vacation home can be expensive. With Ancana, you split these expenses with your co-owners, meaning you only pay a fraction of the cost.
What legal structure does Ancana use for selling fractions?
Ancana sets up an Investment Trust (similar to an LLC) for each home, which is ideally suited for 4-8 people, and which we use to form an ownership group for the home. We divide the investment trust into fractions, allowing you to purchase an ownership stake in the home. Each fraction of the home you purchase gives you not only equity in the home, but the right to use it for a certain number of days each year.