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Why we started Ancana
Our Team
From the start, we have focused on building a world-class team that all share a passion for providing exceptional customer experiences. Interested in joining our growing team? Shoot us an email at info@ancana.co
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The Ancana Dream Team
Ancana Today
With headquarters in Mexico City and Los Angeles and teams on the ground in Cabo and Valle de Bravo, Ancana is a locally-driven team with global ambitions. We offer luxury vacation homes in the most high-demand locations in Mexico:
  • 9 exquisite destinations
  • 35+ luxury homes to choose from
  • Fractions priced from $72k-$470k USD
  • What our costumers are saying
    Eduardo (co-owner)
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    How did your family like the home?
    My mother-in-law and father-in-law cried when we got here
    It really hits you
    It is like her dream to have something like this and although we are not the complete owner, the feeling is very similar
    Because apart from when you close the blinds, the view is very impressive
    Our Investors
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    Our Partners
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